Camp Waianae Mission and Vision Statement

Camp Waianae operates a non-profit Christian camp for youth in a natural environment, and is founded in the belief that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior to all.  Teaching this important truth has been the purpose of Camp Waianae since it’s beginnings and has never wavered.  Camp Waianae is committed to equipping young people with the essential tools of Christian leadership and exposing them to the beauty of God’s creation through a structured camp program that encourages young people to learn more about themselves, improve their relationships with others, recognize their responsibility to society and build their relationship with God.


The Camp Waianae program will:

· Provide a camp experience which will lead to an acceptance of Christ as Savior and Lord

and will encourage Christian growth

· Provide a setting in which mature Christian leaders will serve as examples to campers

· Provide an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle through a physically challenging program

· Provide an integrated camp experience where scripture is understood and applied

· Provide a setting in which the qualities of Christian leadership are developed

· Provide a diversified program in which counselors and campers will interact with outdoor settings

· Provide an opportunity to experience a Biblical picture of the abundant and joyful life God has for His children


The Camp Waianae Philosophy

The Waianae Program is designed for youth who are healthy and strong-physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually. It is recognized that young people will come with different levels of strengths in these areas. The program will seek to meet each camper where he/she is, and challenge and encourage growth in these areas through a variety of camp experiences. Each area will be under the supervision of trained and dedicated Christian young adults.  Waianae seeks to serve any young person, regardless of race, color or creed, from anywhere in the world, who desires to learn to care for him or herself in a camp setting, and who is eager to work, study, play and grow together with other youth and Christian counselors. The counselor must be a servant-leader, following the example of Christ.