Ke Ola

"The Life"


We thank you very much for your interest and support in the Ke Ola canvassing program. These past two summers Ke Ola has been able to have many successes from our student's personal and spiritual growth to impacting our community here on the island of Oahu. 


However, because of certain conference changes, we are saddened to inform you that the Ke Ola canvassing program for 2017 has been put on hold for now. 


If you are interested in information about other active summer canvassing programs in our Pacific Union Conference or other conferences, feel free to check out the links in this canvassing website


We want to let you know that the Hawaii Conference of Seventh-day Adventist looks forward to having a Ke Ola canvassing program in the future. Keep a look out for future updates.


We thank you again for your interest in the Ke Ola Program and we hope you have great summer!



Mahalo and Blessings,



Izraias Uribe, Youth Evangelism Coordinator

Ke Ola Director

GLOW Ministries Director

Hawaii Conference of Seventh-day Adventists