A Typical Day

Rise and Shine

Every day that you wake up at camp, you have the privilege of knowing that this will be the best day of your life!  Your counselor will get you up and your day will immediately start with getting dressed for the day, making your bed, and cleaning the cabin!


Line Calls

Line call occurs before each meal and activity transition.  Line calls are used for flag raising and lowering, taking attendance, and giving camp announcements. It’s also a time to show off cabin and village cheers!  Each girls cabin will raise the flag one morning and each boys cabin will lower the flag one evening.



We love our food at Camp Waianae!  All of our meals are vegetarian-friendly and delicious. Some of our favorite meals are spaghetti, French toast, macaroni and cheese, and of course, loco moco!  After each meal campers are responsible for throwing away their trash and cleaning their table. 


Camp Council

Camp Council is a time for us to start the day together as a camp.  This morning show is filled with silly skits that will have you laughing all day!  Every morning a different staff member will share a short story about what Jesus means to them.


Morning Cabin Activity Time

Each morning you will rotate with your counselor and cabinmates through all of Waianae’s best activities.  Together you will conquer the giant swing, swim in the pool, hits a bullseye on the archery course and so much more!


Afternoon Activity Time

In the afternoon you get to choose the camp activities that you love most and focus on improving your skills!  You can learn how to surf, work on your basketball skills, or explore your creativity through crafts and music!


Aloha Games

The Aloha Games are a special game or event planned at the end of each day. It can include huge group games, cabin competitions, or field games.  These games are always epic and will leave you with memories that can only be made at Camp Waianae!



One of the highlights of Camp Waianae is the evening program.  The nightly program takes place under our beautiful worship tree and is a time to sing together, watch a skit put on by the staff, and hear from our camp pastor.


Cabin Worships

After getting ready for bed, your day will end with evening worship as a

cabin.  This is a time to reflect on what a great day it has been and to ask your

counselor any questions that are on your mind.  This is a great time to get to know

your cabinmates at a deeper level and to grow deeper in your relationship with


Daily Schedule

This is a typical daily schedule although adjustments are made for the younger campers during Adventure week. 


TIME                                   EVENT                                              

4:00 pm                               Registration Opens                                      

5:30 pm                              Line Call / Dinner                                         

6:30 pm                               Aloha Games                                                 

8:00 pm                               Worship                                                        

9:30 pm                               Lights Out                                                     



TIME                                     EVENT                                                          
7:50                                      Flag Raising                                                   
8:00-9:15                             Breakfast                                                       
9:15-9:45                             Worship                                                         
9:50-11:00                           Activity 1 (cabin check)
11:05-12:15                         Activity 2
12:20                                    Line Call                                                         
12:25-1:30                           Lunch/Duties                                                  
1:35                                      Line Call                                                         
1:40-2:40                             Activity 3
2:50-3:50                             Activity 4
4:00-5:00                             Activity 5
5:10                                      Line Call/Flag Lowering                                 
5:15-6:15                             Dinner                                                            
6:15-7:15                             Aloha Games                                                 
7:30-8:30                             Worship                                                         
9:30                                      Lights Out                                                       
11:00                                    Staff Curfew


TIME                                    EVENT                                                         

7:50 am                               Line Call & Flag Raising                                

8:00 am                               Breakfast                                                        

9:00 am                               Worship & Closing Ceremony                      

10:00 am                             Camp Pick-up