Every morning campers will have the opportunity to rotate through different activities with their cabin 'ohana. Campers can select three activities that they will get to do every day in the afternoon. This time is considered to be a class where you will learn new things with every session to increase your abilities! 


Whether your a pro or a beginner the turquoise blue water is calling you to grab a board and jump in! Our instructors will help you learn how to surf and increase your abilities on the wave. If you sign up for surfing plan on spending the whole afternoon at the beach!



The pool provides fun for campers of all ages and all skill levels, whether they are relaxing with water noodles, diving for rings or torpedoes at the pool floor, playing water polo, or simply chilling and enjoying some rays, it’s sure to be a good time! 


*Junior and Teen Camp Only

Have fun competing with your friends, whether in teams or individually, in a variety of different games and challenges that test your teamwork, skill and provide great exercise! We provide the markers, paintballs, and safe and fair referees to help you have the best experience possible and an experience that you will never forget. 

Ropes Course

Enjoy various elements such as a tightrope walk, rope swing, an elevated trust-fall and various brainteaser scenarios as you work with your friends to accomplish a goal. This is a great way to team-build and bond with your cabin-mates and experiences some thrills along the way! 


In this activity you will learn about bow and arrow history, technique, safety and compete in fun games that will put the skills you learn throughout the week to the test! Whether it’s trying to hit the bull’s-eye, attempting to pop candy-filled balloons, or hunting “wild game” on a hunting trip, this activity is sure to hit the target. 


Have fun, learn new strategies and get great exercise as you play a variety of different sports, such as basketball, soccer, football and more. Campers of all skill-levels will enjoy playing and competing against their friends and cabin-mates, as well as the staff including the Staff vs. Camper Basketball Game during Camp Exodus! 


Flex, test, and push your acting abilities with fun improvisation games that challenge you to think fast on your feet, team building games that help you work well with others and feed off each other’s energy and skits that you will prepare, rehearse and perform at camp worships throughout the week! 


*Extreme Camp and Camp Exodus Only

Not only will you have the opportunity to skateboard and/or long board throughout the camp and learn techniques and tricks from our instructor, but also you will be constructing, shaping and personalizing your own skateboard in this building class. When the week is done you will leave with your brand new skateboard deck and all you will need to complete it will be bearings and wheels, which you can purchase at our camp store if you just can’t wait until you get home! 


A sport that requires balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. Our gymnastics instructor will help your body learn things you never thought were possible!

Arts & Crafts

If you like to be creative than this class is for you. Try your hand at many fun and exciting crafts that are adapted to your personal abilities.

Frisbee Golf

We have a brand new Frisbee golf course at Camp Wai’anae! Our unique 6-hole course will challenge campers (and staff!) of all skill levels and experience and provide hours of fun. You will enjoy competing in different games and challenges as well as a weeklong competition and tournament if you choose to sign up to play every day. 

Beach Day-Trip

During the week we will make a trip to the beach for a great morning of fun activities. Campers can enjoy everything from sandcastle building and swimming to long boarding, surfing or relaxing on the beach. The beaches are an obvious highlight of the Hawaiian Islands and we definitely make time to enjoy them!